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Here's what you do: Greet everyone with a friendly "hello" and an appreciative "good-bye" Appear professional/neat (that goes for you and the work place) Take the time to actually understand the product(s) that you sell Admit that you DO NOT know everything, but be willing to try to find the information for customers Don't argue that the most expensive product is ALWAYS the better product Be passionate about the industry that you work in (if you're not passionate,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ellis I have far too many stories to tell, but there is one that springs to mind. Unfortunately, I would DEFINITELY get fired if I even DREAMT of speaking to customers the same way some of you seem to, so my encounters are a little more tame. Here's the thing about being fired, I didn't care. That job was a joke; the company was constantly creating new ways to stiff store-level employees and showed no signs...
Quote: Originally Posted by max_r do you guys seriously remember these long drawn out conversations, or do you just make up half the dialogue? I remember the dialogue pretty accurately. You usually remember the long conversations, where the customer is becoming hostile, pretty easily. It's like remembering a great joke.
It's not exciting or creative, but as long as you're not wearing matching pants, it's not a bad option. It's better than wearing a hideous looking tie.
I feel that they all look great if the jacket fits properly. I have all three options in my closet, and I don't prefer one over the other. I've never experienced the issues related to sitting down and getting access to pants pockets that some posters reference. I think that it's all over-blown.
It was shipment day. Anyone who's worked store-level knows the agony of receiving and putting away hundreds of boxes of inventory. Anyone who's worked store-level also knows that business always seems to pick up on this day. With more business naturally comes more idiot customers. I'd been busy putting away products while another employee was assisting a customer. Somewhere along the line, he walked away from her and she made her way to the counter unnoticed. No one's...
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius69 Do you work for the Secret Service? Why are you tearing his stuff? I shredded it because he'd already ripped it in half, and I was planning on throwing it into the trash. I suppose it's a habit. I usually tear things up before I trash them. Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay ^^^Yeah, why not simply call the police? As if he would have waited for the police to arrive, lol....
If I had to choose one of those, I'd go Thick As Thieves. IMO, BB is over-rated and over-priced. However, if your friend isn't confident in his measurements, then BB may be his best option, since he can have a SA take them for him in the store.
Camel colored pants
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff you dont look slim build in this , you look more like a typical, middle-aged , american , aaac, type of fit in this. i think it has more to do with the pants being so ill-shaped and not correctly hemmed. also perhaps the lapels are too thin. or maybe you are too nice to yourself. lol
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