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Really? I don't pay much attention to that type of thing, but kudos to you for starting a unique thread. The "trough" of my sideburns is about at my jawline. I guess that makes me yesterday's news. P.S: I cut my own hair. It saves money and is a lot more precise.
Quote: Originally Posted by mimolette Hi guys, I'm brand new here. I just wanted to ask for some advice on a suit I'll be wearing to an event this week. What I've got here is a navy suit with a pretty faint pinstripe, paired with a lighter blue gingham shirt and a navy repp tie. What I'm wondering is, should I exchange the tie for something solid, or perhaps the shirt? I'm worried I might have too many patterns going on here. Thanks for your...
Quote: Originally Posted by PeterEliot Been checking out J. Press's extra 25% off sale, and saw some of their winter scarves. They're so pretty that I figure I might as well stock up on a few while they are cheap. I particularly like London U., Harvard, and Yale Berkeley colors. I've never worn school colors before. I know that everyone wears regimental colors that got nothing to do with their own histories--but is the same true for school colors?...
The numbers aren't as important in this situation. If the shoulders look wide, then have them narrowed. There's no sense in trying to quantify things. Either it has the cut that you want or it doesn't.
If you like the pattern/color, then it's not a bad jacket; it fits well. However, I wouldn't pay $900 for it.
That's so true. Here's part of my list: Pocket Squares 2 in. (or larger) cuffs Button-down collar shirts Brooks Brothers
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