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Quote: Originally Posted by hooya2 Reevolving, don't you ever dare PM me again, unless you want to purchase something from me. Got it grandpa? Get a new wardrobe. Quote: Originally Posted by BlueHorseShoe You look like your pants are pulled up to your tits. LOL to the miz-ax. This is as good as that "critique my shirt" thread in which the OP almost started a riot for claiming to have an "athletic build."
....Because you spend too much time on them....I won't suggest a reason why *cough, cough* "queer" *cough*
The quality and fit would be the deciding factor for me. The labels "RTW" and "bespoke" wouldn't mean a damn thing if the suit was poor quality.
Firstly, a lot of the ads and suggestions in GQ are only made for GQ photoshoots. The context in which some of the outfits in GQ are appropriate doesn't exist in most of our lives. Aside from that, your outfit does sound rather old. If you posted pictures on this site, you MAY get a "bravo" (assuming that the fit is there), but consider the audience. The majority of what I see posted here is either work-appropriate or old man-appropriate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Strange ...... a ton of crap and circle-jerking... Yes....YES! That's the site description that I've been looking for.
Quote: Originally Posted by yodawg i'm talking about high school/ college to after. is it because we're finally earning and can chose to spend more money on haircuts? is it awareness? stopping blindly following fashion trends or what everyone around you is wearing? i don't look much different i believe. Helloooo? Don't you recognize who you're talking to? You just described a practice of 75+ percent of the members here. As far as your...
A little boy (probably 11 years old) walks into the store. He has a cardboard box with him Him: (to me) Hello. You wanna buy some candy? Me: No. Thanks though. Him: (walking over to a customer) You wanna buy some candy? Customer: No thank you. Him: (to customer) What would happen if somebody stole your wallet? Customer: (blowing it off) That person would be in trouble. The customer walks to the register and the boy leaves the store. I ring the customer up and...
A customer enters the store and goes directly into material: Him: Here's the situation. I just got a promotion at work Me: Congratulations Him: Yeah. Thanks. I just got promoted to regional manager and I need to pass a drug test. I don't usually do that type of s**t, but I went out with some friends last weekend. Me: Well, we don't sell anything that's meant to help with passing drug tests Him: Really? My buddy told me to come to (company name). Me: Hmmm. I'm not...
AE seconds sale from 9/27-10/12. ...you with me?
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred I'm surprised so many people are recommending such low end sweaters that will last only 3-6 months. We don't suggest that route for suits, why suggest it for sweaters? Buying a 20-30 dollar sweater every 3-6 months seems to me a bit less wise than spending $150-200 on something that will last 5+ years. Surely someone on here can recommend a better quality sweater. All of my sweaters have lasted for...
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