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http://i639.photobucket.com/albums/u...r/DSC06017.jpg These are ahead of their time. 10 pence!
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh I'm sorry to hear that - but what about the desert boots? Made me laugh. "The upper area at the bottom of your calf is flopping loose" ... Do you mean the boot's heel? How would a shoe tree remedy this problem? I think you need to use one of these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoehorn before slipping into your boots. It sounds like you're destroying the counter of the shoe.
To the original poster: http://goingconcern.com/ I've found this to be a very good blog. I'm just starting college at age 24. I'll be a freshman this fall studying accounting. Does anyone else have some good industry-related links? How competitive is it to get into a Big-4 firm?
Attachment 47516 A poster disputed that the wardrobe on the set isn't vintage. I always thought that Christina's decolletage -- ... eh sorry, distracted by photos above. As I was saying, I always thought the suits were vintage because they aren't that well fitted. Look at Pete in this example. When finding vintage I doubt they'd find the perfect fits. Which is why I think they definitely are using vintage suits.
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