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I found this Mr. Ned video on YouTube. Thought I'd share it with you all.
This is a question more for someone who actually works in a conservative business environment -- Is it 'going against the grain' to have a ticket pocket on their navy interview suit? Do you think it would be noticed?
I searched for any threads about this subject but couldn't find anything. Perhaps someone could explain what the concept of balance is? Hopefully this thread can address this fit-concept which hasn't been discussed much. I've seen the term passed by some of the more experienced board members. For example, "The front balance is short" could be a comment.
Dear , I know the waist needs to be taken in, can you criticize my suit viciously?
Is this sleeve too short? If it is (and provided there's enough fabric) can a good tailor let it out?
It was a gift to me. I haven't taken it for alterations, so the waist hasn't been taken in at all. On the photo of my back, the left shoulder has this big vertical wrinkle. I'm hoping it goes away once the waist is taken in. I can't tell if it's the shoulders or waist which are contributing to that problem.
Closer views attached in this post.
This is my first suit, it hasn't been brought for alterations yet. I appreciate anyone's opinions: Are the shoulders to wide? Is the jacket to short? Are the sleeves too short? If the sleeves are too short, is it likely that they could be let out? Jacket Specs: Labelled Burberry made in USA (A relabelled Hickey Freeman Ltd. according to other threads) Size 38R Shoulder length 18'' (My true shoulder to...
It could be your camera, but I think the tie needs to have a richer color. The bigger problem with that picture is the shirt/suit choice. They're the same colors and as you mentioned yes, that kind of combination is too dark to wear in the first place. You should try to break the suit up with a different color or tone of shirt. It's possible that with the right color shirt that the tie could be acceptable. My question: Is there a proper length for the back blade of a tie?... These are ahead of their time. 10 pence!
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