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What's the matter Frances, is it your period? Have a cranberry juice! Diverse opinions are what make SF a great place.I like the photo, but personally felt the pents were to narrow throughout.
+1. Are they too padded or too long... I am not sure. But they are very serious.
Laundry Troll, I'm not sure how CBD your workplace is, but have you considered a plain-jane navy blazer with horn buttons.
This is a great look. The checks are shear gorgeousity. I'd prefer the lower quarters to be more closed though.I laughed a little as I wondered what you were holding the book for. It reminded me of a travelling bible salesman... and your lean on the umbrella sends the message that you know bartitsu and I'm due for massive beatings for saying that.
Hey Stitches. Your argument makes a couple valid points where I can agree with you. First and foremost, this being SF, majority of photos posted are inherently deliberate. You also raised a valid argument about our hysteria over matchiness, that sometimes matchiness just works.But I cannot describe in words why the following picture has a PS which to my eye is more coherent than spoo's, despite using a similar concept. The smaller motifs within the PS closely match his...
Hi, the green in the pocket square motif is too close to the green in the jacket. Then the green rolex added to the effect. This culminated in my feeling like the look was too deliberate.
How do I clean the shoe polish off of the dauber bristles? They're very stiff. Shouldn't they be softer?
Hi southernstyle... with your collar pin missing on that particular shirt and yet placing a pin on the tie, makes the whole thing look very contrived. But then again it could be worse!
Would jacket sleeve buttons > 4mm thickness look awkward, especially if the edges are 'kissing'?
HF has one sockdolager of a suit. But the six button DB over four, with pant cuffs, (-) the sweater, would make this sweetness.
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