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Terms of Sale: Shipping to CONUS via US Postal Service. FOB Destination. To purchase, private message seller with a message identifying shoes desired, and address. Remittance: Paypal Sorry, no returns. Inquire about shoes only if serious about purchasing. Happy Holidays. Allen Edmonds Black Park Avenues 10.5B Pictures are numbers 0032 to 0037 Condition: 8/10 - I have worn multiple times. Price: $60 Allen Edmonds Black Park Avenues 11A Pictures are numbers 0038 to...
I would not recommend purchasing any of these trenches at those lengths. They are much too short. I have a shorter trench which was gifted to me. Firstly, it was completely ineffective as a rain coat. Second, it is highly unflattering on my frame. I'm 6'1'', 39'' chest, 150 lbs for your refrence. The short trench was emasculating, especially when the belt was tightened. There is nothing more unmanly than these short trench coats. Best of luck to you in your search for a...
Yes, there certainly is a cost increase because an item is made in the USA. But that is not the only reason most of us are not interested in purchasing shirts from run-of-the-mill factories. And if by 'run-of-the-mill button downs' you mean the kind of shirts which line the shelves of Sears and Macy's, etc. then ---From an wide, overhead view, most forum members purchase quality shirts (and most other menswear items) using the Substantive Procedures Method of FFC. Fit...
Can donegal fabric be worn in the summer?
Ah I see! Pardon my ignorance, it sounded like a french cognate for 'fashionable'!
I think the BD collar coupled with the three-piece makes it look fussy, imho. That, and the fact that he doesn't look relaxed. Barring that, he looks great.
Really? Respectfully, I disagree. Those lasts are way too pointy! And with the stripey socks, I'm surprised he's not a member of the lollipop-guild. Maybe it's 'fashionable', but definitely no style points to my eyes... I like the soft shoulders on the jacket and lapels though.
This is a very nice jacket. I just wanted to comment that the shoulders and chest look very built. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, it just looks different and struck my eye.
Cool. I always wanted to see a standing shot. Your walk reminds me of the 'trololo' internet meme singer. Are you a good singer by any chance? lol.
Fred... lovin' the red chalk stripes. Would be really cool to see a standing shot.
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