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not to compare, i love my jeans, but im disappointed they aren't moving in color compared to my KMW which were also Japanese
I haven't done anything to them, I wear them about 2-3 times a week for at least 25 hours if you want to get that defined.
I have a question - I got my gustin's (KMW 1950's spec replicas) and have been wearing them for almost 6/7 months, and have not experienced ANY fading or anything. Is this typical, or do these just somehow last longer? they were order lot #22 - Japan Selvage, 13.5oz, Red/White ID
Women's Burberry Wool Duffle Coat - size 6 This one is 100% wool, and has the burberry pattern piping on the inside, as opposed to this one which is lined completely with the pattern. it's this exact coat, but without the interior print. My wife bought this coat last year from Saks, and it has just sat in her closet. She never got around to wearing it. She does say it fits slightly bigger than size 6. $400 --> $350
will these jeans fade like my old KMW , i got these to replace them. 33 straight fit classic denim they fit great, a little looser than my KMW 1950s that I had, but happy with them. just concerned they won't fade.
Super Dry Military Blazer V.10 Size XL - Slim Fitting - I wear a 42L and it was too tight in the shoulders Olive/Brownish coloring. AWESOME jacket, ordered, and just doesn't fit. If I try to hug myself it's just too tight in the shoulders.
Nudie Slim Jim Jeans for sale worn one time out of the store, thought they would stretch, but after wearing them home i realized it was a lost cause. size: 32x34 shipped CONUS.
Need help!!! I have had an amazing pair of KMW 1950s size 33x34 that have fit me amazingly and have lasted 4 years with some awesome fading and lines that have built in. It's their time though, as they are now very thing, and have been repaired numerous times. I went and got a great pair of PRPS but they did not stretch any in the thigh, and I am struggling to wear them and be comfortable. As good as they look, I just can't wear them. I would love to buy the KMW 1950s...
105 for green fees and caddy, and 25 for a cheap callaway set
Played 2 rounds on rented clubs at halfmoon bay in Jamaica. 81,77. Pretty happy with using some crappy clubs, was ~7100 yards. My caddy was spot on with green reads and ball placement. We played the last 9 holes together. Maybe ill try white horse, the ritz club tomorrow. Next time I'm here, I'm definitely flying my clubs in.
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