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I buy my boots at the twice-yearly stocktake clearance at Adelaide - I think they have similar sales in other Australian capital cities. Generally there's slim pickings of anything comfort/dynamic flex, but plenty of Blaxlands and my much-loved Greasy Kip Craftsmen (by the amount they have on stocktake, this view is not widely shared by RMs customers!)Boots online offers boots a good $100 ($70 if you need to add GST) below RRP if you have something particular in mind.
I think so. I have a 9H in the Greasy Kip Craftsman, which is a perfect fit. My Blaxlands are 9 1/2G, but they're maybe a touch too big (with really thin socks they're a little uncomfortable).
Great choice. I have the Greasy Kip Craftsmen, which are pretty much the same thing but with a darker upper and light soles. They were throwing them away at the clearance sales, so a nabbed a pair on the cheap. I love them with jeans and chinos - they're a little more rugged and less refined that the finished leather boots, which is IMHO a good thing for a semi-casual shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by labravajazz Maybe yes, but also I notice in Australia or in Sydney at least for sure many professionals eg lawyers politicians et al wear RMW with suits - perhaps it's a kind of national dress here or perhaps also because they are about the only good quality shoes generally sold at retail here. As we know best English shoes etc are very rare at retail in Australia. Almost the only other thing you see would be either crap...
Hi guys, I picked up my first pair of RMs (Black Blaxlands - love 'em) at the yearly clearance sale about a month ago here in Adelaide. Now I want a brown pair to go with them. Does the RM Factory at Salisbury or the Museum at Percy St sell seconds boots all year round? I don't think I can wait a whole year for the clearance sale to come around again...and my pair of seconds Blaxlands are so good I don't really want to pay retail for a second pair. On a more...
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