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Thanks all. I'll give the baby powder a go. Although, I am skeptical because I wore them today with wool socks and had no problems!
I recently bought a pair of the benchgrade plain toe balmorals from Kent Wang. I really love the shoes but here's the problem: whenever I wear non-wool socks with them, the insoles squeak as I walk around. To clarify, there is not a squeak due to the construction of the shoe, but it's my cotton sock (marcoliani) that rubs against the leather insole. Yes, the shoes fit and are neither too long nor too wide. But the squeaking noise is VERY noticeable. Of course, I try to...
size of green RL pocket square?
And even J.Crew is shitty. Remember when their prices were 50-60% cheaper about 6 years ago? Overrated.
P&B is a joke. "Sale" items miraculously revert to retail price once added to the cart. Worthless.
MC20 for my-wardrobe is awesome! Snagged Levi's denim shawl collar jacket for $80!
To all the people who have bought SL shoes: Do they deduct VAT for orders shipped to the USA????????????????????????????????????????
Where exactly is the silver sharpie writing on the blue pair? Can you provide a picture of this?
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