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if you look carefully, i think the tie bar in the picture does come with stripes should be one of these four in the piture and if you are willing to pay 45800 yen about $600, plus shipping and japanese proxy buy commission, there is someone in japan selling a brand new one under $200? there are some non branded ones about an inch long on the market for no more than $30
are you still to revceive the size 39 shirts you have mentioned above?
Sorry everyone, can not find a picture online Saw it at Harvey Nichols in London about a month ago, when I finally put my foot down to buy a week later, it had gone already, hardly find any Thom Browne stockist in London, tried Harvey Nichols asking about restocking, answered "no idea" and "probably not", DSM only had few things, but no tie at all please anyone who had any pictures of this tie post here, and let me know if you can supply this tie to me, thank...
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