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Up 2 from tag size which +1 from as bought….break in typically 3-6 months until first "wash" - after initial soak depending on denim and use In my experience, RRL are vanity sized +1 to begin with - pretty much all of em from Denim to Chinos to the Wools - and its not uncommon to get up to an extra inch, regardless of brand. Chinos stretching the least, then denim, then wools (bought two pair at 31, now both measure ~33.5).
selvedge has no relevance here (just a construction method for comfort and robustness, arguably) if you want to shrink, do not wear them in the tub…you shouldn't be worried about over-shrinking them (thats when u wanna wear em, notorious with unsanforized denim) PLENTY of threads on how to soak denim, water temp, length of time…..what is gonna shrink them more will be the dryer but remember, they are gonna stretch back out anyways (for the most part)… Respectfully, if...
if you can fit the thighs, size down. they will continue to stretch another inch or so from where they are. you can soak em too and I recommend it bc raw, will protect from crotch blow outs later…shouldn't really shrink em that much cause already sanforized. Could super hot dry em too but again, don't expect too much shrinkage. …or….get the waist taken in via tailor though jean shop recommended here cause of difficulty to work with fabric (chain stitch)
dont b pissed because you missed it…especially if you are a frequent RL shopper….not trying to start anything here but if you are looking for certain items or a discount, call up RL and talk to a service rep….it will reflect better on your account than taking advantage of them. Flame away. Again: not trying to start anything, just saying an honest relationship gets you plenty of perks regardless of promo codes, etc...
Limited Straight Leg...Bout time these came out….. Dastig - Length? … x 34 or x 36? fwiw - i have had many unsanforized aka STF (non RRL) and none have yet to shrink two sizes down and stay there. STF = +1" W, +2" L for me personally (unless redic long to begin with >36")
Considering at full price they are still cheaper than some cult denim out there, not a horrible feeling I suppose. Better than purchasing any big ticket item at full price then getting hit with the sale.BTW - my LE for sale are the indigo version
Shawl sweaters have the best cut I have come across.... Anyone have experience with wool officer chinos? I have a pair of 31x32 Limited Slims if anyone is interested too, new in bag, never worn. (PM)
Follow up: RRL is 30 off plus kicker - no that does not equal 45 (for anyone wondering) No jeans. I called RL Corporate for the info. So confusing, just tryin to help everyone out.
Hmm...not false as far as I know. I believe you may be misinformed good sir. For proof, it states on the card, verbatim, "15% off kicker is when you present this card at the store or access the URL on the reverse." Verified again today when I went into store to hold the items I want at 40% off + 15 for RRL. 30% on sale stuff. Additionally, RRL may have redefined what is core and staple when they lowered prices abt two years ago on denim. Lastly, some jeans are...
All - its pretty straight forward. No need to post card. Webstore opens on the 25th (no time). Sale starts the 25th. Go to the link in my prior post. No code needed. The extra 15 klcker only works through the end of the month. I imagine we all will get a fancy email saying PRIVATE SALE STORE OPEN! Frustrated that the "core" and "staple" items aren't included - as had been in the past - but oh well. Supposedly wont happen this year either.
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