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Anyone tried on the 72 last yet? Curious of the fit, specifically the length compared to older lasts. TYIA
EG does ship to the USA via Fedex.
Things to to know about TF suits are there are many different OTR cuts. Also, Each season has a different time period influence - to some extent - yet most of the clothing, IMO, is focused on 1960-80 periods - which also draws cues fro the 20-40s. They are made in the same factories as Zegna, either on the Italian or Swiss side. I have many pieces and find the suits interesting because combination of drape and slimness. Example: TF prides himself on being able to sit...
Thanks, looking for subjective feedback. My issue with EG is for all the shoes I have, there is heel slip on the right. I have never purchased GG but have tried them on so I know my size, just not the long term effects. I don't need the whole cut of GG since these will be war-boots anyways however Chelsea boots can be difficult because not much adjustability. Last thing I want is a slipping Chelsea boot. Open to other manufactures as well, just curious what thoughts...
Looking for help with Chelsea boots - EG Newmarket 202 or GG Burnham GG06? Any thoughts from the community on which is better/more comfortable? Smart Casual wear. TYIA
EG 890 (9E) EG 82 (9E) Church Lamport (8.5D) JL 7000 (8.5E) EG 888 (9E) SC Classic (8.5F) ...and still in search of perfection
I was going to say 202 also (for shoes) but fully agree with Laufer........the best advice is stick with what you love. If C&J is perfect, stay there. I am still in pursuit of perfection but have wasted too much money trying to find it. Saint Crispin is as close as I have come after trying Everything including EG, John Lobb, G&G, etc.. Should you not listen to us, lasts come in different widths so a 606E or F or 89E or F may fit you better than a 202E (assuming you...
Have you tried EG before? Boots are easier to fit and 72 should be plenty forgiving, assuming you are going after the Kentmere. Just becareful with width because EG E width = U.S. D width (for the most part, some last slightly narrower and others wider). Trying on a pair or ordering with a return policy limits risk.
Count me in for Zug Veldt Galways on 64 last.
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