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I have the 4065 Grant and is my go to black boot for suited and booted...then can match em with some tailored denim. The perf toe detail and barrie makes them too casual for my preferences without being causal enough for everyday use (thus why I opted for Walter boot). Just my quarters worth (inflation, use to be two cents).
Yes. Soled out (meant pun) Budapest- and the 44 seconds you beat me to YES was like someone missing out on their size I was not interested fwiw.
Ha, I reinforce the crotch when it starts to go and if I'm running commando (big if), the raw is not very raw anymore...otherwise the denim ain't gonna be the only thing that's raw!
LA GUY - selvedge fly doesn't matter until the jeans are trashed and you start to feel the frayed innners rub, not that the selvedge weave cannot come apart in the wearing process but like you stated, it's optional but in my experience does serve a purpose in the long run.
Wasn't meant for you to bite but IMO, subpar bull denim for $200+ is: 1) one wash and faded detail washes out 2) heavier denim that is rough to the touch with thinner, sometimes uneven stitching holding pieces together that does not relax over time or conform to body (research Iron Heart denim as again, IMO, this resembles a cheaper iteration of) 3) it shrinks but it supposedly sanforized (yes I've washed/soaked in hot/cold/medium etc...) Just my opinion for $200+ jeans,...
RRLC - please remember that for most ppl, myself included, searching a designer/brand thread that you like may lead you to other similar brands or install knowledge of better or lesser quality items. Someone reading this might not know who Belstaff is or that a Good tailor can recreate items. If I needed such a tailor, I would PM NorCal. Another example: the alden thread lead me to many brands I never knew existed, then from there, I could search those threads for...
I fully appreciate NorCals post because even though this is an RRL thread, it's still a fashion forum and RRL is a workwear/motorcycle/vintage brand, a lot like Belstaff. And secret factory's are interesting! I am interested in a group buy so thank you NorCal. RRLC- do you know where any of the RRL garments are produced? Aren't the MIUSA denim made in NYC? I think I remember some of the limited editions are per the tag
I have owned/ tried on many of the aforementioned and agree with most though I find, IMO: - Thom Browne cuts are terrible with the short arms/legs - most modern RLPL is Saint andrews, and they are excellent - RLBL should be added to good (rayon? Wtf)/ very good (Caruso) - alexander mcqueen should be added to very good - Huntsman should be added to excellent,a long with several other Saville row houses. (a&s, g&h) - oxxford is very good but not excellent (despite being...
Neimans, Bergdorf, Saks, Barneys are all ~50 percent off right now, wait and they will be ~70 (May even be able to call in store and hold something). Ralph is 40 off too.
I have worked in a factory for seven years therefore RRL is to me what a power suit is to a wall st banker. Yet..... I am starting to drift away from RRL because the sizing is so inconsistent, a measure of quality. I stopped ordering online because the same garmet can vanity size +1 to + 3 inches in the waist and I'm not going to even get into the details regarding rise/thigh/inseam, etc...Button fastening on staple items, such as the officer chino, are attached with...
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