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Please post this picture
Hardy Aimes RLPL "Saville row cut" on sale (if still made in England) Gives and hawkes (on sale and not) Brooks brothers I think makes one in England. Thom Brown, maybe BUT, have you ever tried a British Cut suit????? It's a very different fit than Italian and American.
I have tried the 915. Fits wider across the toe box than 82 (more similar to 202) but with an elongated toe with less curve than the 82. Its similar across the ball as 202 and new 82. It's the longest length shoe for the size. The almond toe is long, especially if you are used to a 202 or 88. I also found that the heel was slightly narrower than 82/202. Overall, think of if the toe point of the 82 was more centerd on the toes, slightly pulled away from foot and...
I have custom shirts by Piccolo and Salvatore Piccolo - note they are different houses - ~200 Eur I have custom ties by E. Marinella - 5/7/9 fold - ~100-150 Eur Investigated custom suits, etc, by: 1) Rubinacci ~5000 and up Eur 2) Cesare Attolini ~ 5000 and up Eur assume jackets are 75% of price, pants 25% Just research the Napoleon style as it's relatively unique vs rest of world.
Wrong last/size + no love shell Right last/size + big love calf Did someone say water spots?
Brushing works for the first 100 (real) wears or so...eventually, you will need polish/cream specifically designed for shell (eg Saphir), and a bone, then possibly a standard wax coating if you want. My point is that Shell is different than Calf and requires different maintenance - that's all. And...one more point, I have difficulty fading shell colors into each other (like the burnished toe and heel). I am not a professional by any means but the times I have tried have...
If you like color 8, the wet look and rolls of shell, and the maintenance required for it, f'n buy it and don't look back. If you don't, you don't. I personally went through my "OMG it's shell" phase and think that EG has one of the best burgundy colors around so to me, regardless of price, these do not appeal. No one is right here, no one is wrong.
Horweens Zug is respectable but not true to Heather Gorse / Zug as we know it and used on past models (eg: no Swiss chocolate byproduct leftovers added). If I can find the samples of Horweens Zug, I'll post them here. Otherwise EG Paris has additional samples. Three colors were offered: black / oxblood / dark brown. I think ~2mm thickness. Zug was the town in Switzerland where the leather was created and now, Zug is just the stamped pattern grain name btw originally...
EG has Zug available but when I inquired, they informed me it was sourced from Horween.
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