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Count me in for Zug Veldt Galways on 64 last.
What last # and sole material?
Suits are all about proportions; however, the watch and shoes make the man.
Thanks for info SoGent and I was thinkin same thing- classic last preferred -but the sales associate wasn't familiar with the details and kept telling me to buy Zonkey Boots - which is another brand I have yet to explore but perks my interest. I was late and caught a pair in the window so I went in the store for a quick browse. They are "new" despite a handful of fools who tried them on before me and didn't follow "the rules" (like don't flex or try to breakdance).
Thanks for quick reply SoGent! - new to StC so trying to understand last vs style number vs fit and comfort....I've been an EG (202/82/890/64) and (former) Lobb guy. Snapped a quick pic since I didn't buy on spot. Single leather sole. I am stilll undecided....
Little help please. Are these chisel, sailor, or what toe on 524 last? ... And of course, to buy or not to buy? Thx
I have the 4065 Grant and is my go to black boot for suited and booted...then can match em with some tailored denim. The perf toe detail and barrie makes them too casual for my preferences without being causal enough for everyday use (thus why I opted for Walter boot). Just my quarters worth (inflation, use to be two cents).
Yes. Soled out (meant pun) Budapest- and the 44 seconds you beat me to YES was like someone missing out on their size I was not interested fwiw.
Ha, I reinforce the crotch when it starts to go and if I'm running commando (big if), the raw is not very raw anymore...otherwise the denim ain't gonna be the only thing that's raw!
LA GUY - selvedge fly doesn't matter until the jeans are trashed and you start to feel the frayed innners rub, not that the selvedge weave cannot come apart in the wearing process but like you stated, it's optional but in my experience does serve a purpose in the long run.
New Posts  All Forums: