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If this is the case I would hold out for LS - the LS team is great (not to slight Wallace and Vicky at Tassel's) and, for US based customers at least, their prices will be (much) lower.Sounds like you'd be better off with a black LWB - I have these black shortwings and IMO they are a very dressy (read suit) shoe.
Happy to be of service. And for those of you with some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket... Tassel's HK just posted a sweet Color 8 plain toe boot with commando soles on the Barrie last. The carbon footprint on those babies will be huge!
Stopped by Alden SF yesterday - for those of you that are interested they have Indys, Tassels and Belts all in Cigar as well as unlined PTBs in Color 8 and Black Shell.
Very enthusiastic Yea (who made those up?)
It scares me how you "just happened to have that picture hanging around..." I've been wearing a leather belt or a braided belt and they look ok, not great. Thanks guys!
What kind/color belts do people wear with Alden blue suede shoes/boots?
Sounds like someone with some guilt issues...
Are those medium width AE chukkas?
Remember that the Ravello PTBs at Alden SF have the dark welting/edge trim (less attractive than antique IMO)
Those shoes are prompting a certain "response" but it isn't jealously.
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