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Happy to be of service. And for those of you with some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket... Tassel's HK just posted a sweet Color 8 plain toe boot with commando soles on the Barrie last. The carbon footprint on those babies will be huge!
Stopped by Alden SF yesterday - for those of you that are interested they have Indys, Tassels and Belts all in Cigar as well as unlined PTBs in Color 8 and Black Shell.
Very enthusiastic Yea (who made those up?)
It scares me how you "just happened to have that picture hanging around..." I've been wearing a leather belt or a braided belt and they look ok, not great. Thanks guys!
What kind/color belts do people wear with Alden blue suede shoes/boots?
Sounds like someone with some guilt issues...
Are those medium width AE chukkas?
Remember that the Ravello PTBs at Alden SF have the dark welting/edge trim (less attractive than antique IMO)
Those shoes are prompting a certain "response" but it isn't jealously.
B. Nelson apparently does outstanding work but they don't have a great lug sole option IMO. I understand that Moulded Shoe also does shoe repairs and they have the actual Alden commando sole. I have no personal experience with them but I think the commando sole looks great and would at least pursue that option.
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