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And let's not forget, they're good for picking up all the crap you walk on all day and bringing it back into your home. As you might guess, I'm not a crepe fan either.
Rob - Were you picking up a two-piece for the little lady at the shop next door? Or is that where you go to get your knives sharpened?
For all of you that are search impaired, the following is from the ShoeMart website: Shoe Tree Size Chart XS - 4.5 (Wide) to 6 (Medium) S - 6 (Wide) to 8 (Medium) M - 8 (Wide) to 10 (Medium) L - 10 (Wide) to 12 (Medium) XL - 12 (Wide) to 14 (Medium) XXL - 13 (Wide) to 15 (Medium)
I just received a pair of the blue suede chukkas that LS made up on the Plaza last - amazing. I am planning to list my (very lightly) used blue suede PTBs (size 9 B/D on the Barrie) at a very cheap price on eBay later today. If a forum member is interested before I list them send me a PM.
Near perfect day here in Chicago. Drove by the Elston/Ashland intersection (the location of the Horween plant for the infidels* out there). My window was down and their windows were open - aromatic, to say the least (based on the smell, I'm thinking Ravello...) *any one that isn't a true believer in all things Horween
...produced by Chinese slaves?
I really don't have a dog in this fight, but give me Chinese slaves over the French any day.
Both medium widths?
I feel lucky to live in a world with door knobs.
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