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I actually thought it was a funny response to your inane question - will your shoes somehow fit differently if an anonymous poster has "an experience where they wear the EXACT same model shoe in 2 different sizes"? Of course, maybe it's just me.Gotta run, the buzzer says the french fries are ready.
Let's see: ravello (1), whiskey (2), and color 8 (3). Must be the "new math".
I bet the guy in Brighton Beach can do it!
The Tarlow (Alden) and Horween (duh) families concur.
Alden SF and Shoemart have them now (I'm betting between the 2 stores they have a full size run).
"hot Russian girls" that can drink you under the table. Is good!
I saw them about a month ago - I think they're great and I would have grabbed a pair but I have enough LWBs (sacrilege to some here I know) plus I have a pair of the Unionmade peeble grain make-ups (with the split toe and commando soles).
^ And let's not forget "Zippers and Lather Repairs". The American Dream writ large in Brighton Beach. Happy Fourth of July all!
^^ If you are looking to be 100% accurate it should be "knifes sharped" (I couldn't bring myself to type that...)
And let's not forget, they're good for picking up all the crap you walk on all day and bringing it back into your home. As you might guess, I'm not a crepe fan either.
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