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Natural Chromexcel PTBs Just listed a pair (size 9 on the Barrie last) on Ebay. Too many shoes!
There are some amazing shoes/boots that have hit the market in the last month. I've picked up: Epaulet ravello wing tip boot (barrie), Shoemart ravello NST (aberdeen), Alden DC cigar NST (aberdeen) and Alden DC cigar cap toe boot w commando sole (grant - these are amazing). No mas! BTW, I agree with all the comments about the new ravello releases - they are much darker.
Quote: Originally Posted by countcount ^^Are these the bluchers or monk straps? The bluchers, the monk straps were made in Ravello.
Whiskey NSTs I have a pair of the whiskey NSTs in size 9.5 B/D that I picked up at LSBH (here is the link to Tom's site: http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/201...nsts-for-lsbh/) They are great shoes but I really prefer the NSTs built on the Aberdeen last. If you are interested I'm planning on listing these shoes on eBay tonight/tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by chestercopperpot If it wasn't for his posts it would pretty much be a thread of people asking how the indy boot fits And people complaining about Alden QC...
Quote: Originally Posted by ltb quick sizing question - I really don't have any leather soled shoes and the only boots I wear are Clarks (in a 10 that should be a 9.5, but I put some insoles in). I wear a 43 in CPs, 10 in Chucks - am I right in saying a 9.5 is probably my best bet for Aldens? D width, definitely. I've got to tell you - this is precisely the type of situation that has a high probability of ending poorly. Alden makes...
Quote: Originally Posted by nutcracker Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Aldens are popular with circus midgets and small asian men (hence The OneShoe). Am I correct to assume that Alden has a larger business in Japan than in USA? Maybe Tom knows the answer. Am I correct to assume that circus midgets are making more coin than they used to? Makes me rethink my career choice (of course being 5'10" was working against me as well).
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets Does anyone have a "real life" photo of the LS Snuff suede flex PTBoot? I'm considering ordering a pair but am unsure of the true color. I tried a pic but it didn't do the boots justice. This may be my favorite pair of Aldens at the moment - nice rich brown (more milk chocolate than dark chocolate) and very comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab Alden NY? Shit kicker ville
Quote: Originally Posted by kanukki To revive the natural chromexcel discussion... I'm considering going for Leffot's natural longwings (http://blog.leffot.com/reserve-orders/). One thing I can't quite figure out is why the Indy and PTB leather looks quite smooth and buttery (http://blog.leffot.com/wp-content/up.../DSC_0050.jpg), but the longwing appears rather rough (http://blog.leffot.com/wp-content/up...7/DSC_0033.jpg) in the photos. Can Jason or...
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