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Never had any interaction with NRO but I hate em anyway (that's ok, right - just like the forum members that feel the need to offer opinions on subjects of which they have no clue? )
That color might be considered "repello" to some...
No disputing that, but look at Middleboro/Taunton MA on a map - the nearest "cities" are Brockton (home of "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler), Providence (fictional home of Peter Griffin and real home - when he's not in prison - of Vincent "Buddy" Cianci) and Fall River (home of Lizzie Borden). This is the land of "wicked", of "pissa" or, in that most extraordinary circumstance, "wicked pissa"; this is not the land of fucking slick.
Alden doesn't do "fucking slick"
Ferragamo short wings (in calf and suede) for $995/pair on page A2 of today's NYT (National edition). Our shoes are officially "trendy".
^ Thanks
What's the world coming to when a New Yorker brags about the service he gets in Chicago and a Chicagoan brags about the service he gets in New York?Before we get all carried away here, I still hate the Yankees.
The RL is more narrow than the Barrie (toe box still has plenty of room). Not sure how much of this comes from the general stiffness of the shoe - these are real tanks and make the Aldens feel like sneakers out of the box.Amazing shoes, really. I'm probably going to buy a pair of the PTB (at full retail which pisses me off) based on what I've seen with these shortwings. Now I have to decide which RL store I should go (based on the indifference/rudeness of the sales...
I did size down a half-size but be forewarned, the fit isn't identical to the Barrie.
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