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As Frank says, it might work but... Why not contact Context and see what they're doing (they offer what looks like the same boot and they are $3 cheaper with free shipping!)
Don't know if that's true - it's my understanding that they changed their policy because they couldn't keep track of all of the modifications once they disassembled the shoe. Now they just look up the model number (each unique make-up has a different model number).
Yes, it is outstanding
So the Alden factory is back from vacation and ... they're confirming orders. Orders that include whiskey, ravello and cigar. This doesn't mean that your favorite retailer has the shoes at the moment but it does mean that Alden has the shell and they are begining production. All is right in Aldenland (good thing too because they've apparently lost the Australian market).
Are you sure you're not just bitter because the USA is kicking Aussie butt in the London pools? Wassssup!
So for everyone that was buying Aldens because they are made in the USA - they are made with French hides and German soles.
+1 They look like clown shoes to me (which may be a plus, if you're a clown...)
I think you're just noticing it more due to the fact that there has been such a dramatic improvement in Alden QC which in turn creates fewer seconds available for sale.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but who cares what's causing the light color shell shortage? There aren't a lot of ravello, whiskey and cigar Aldens in the immediate future - if that information will somehow inform how you approach the upcoming week, great. Otherwise, does it make any difference if it's part of a grand conspiracy or it's due to fat horses with stretch marks on their asses? Since Rob got to rant earlier I figure it's ok for me too...
Is Horween the new De Beers - propping up the shell cordovan market artificially? Will we start reading about "conflict shell"? My first reaction was - THEY'RE FRENCH, but maybe there's more to the story. Maybe they are the European partners of NRO?
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