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I suffer from the "there's no such thing as too many shoes in the same shell" variant.
Looks like someone wasn't wearing their hairnet when they finished that pair! Me? I'd live with it (and maybe rant a little about Alden QC )
^ I've had the same issue - the color is beautiful but it doesn't go with much (I'm down to one pair of shortwings from Tassels and a pair of PTBs on order). Can't justify the shelf space and the $$$ for shoes that I don't wear.
Sweet - maybe pickup an old Divco milk truck as well?
Those boots (which are outstanding) look like they are on the Plaza last - from Alden SF?
Before we all get overly sentimental about the Blackbird Christopherson's Creamery Milkman Boot - I owned that boot and ultimately flipped them without ever wearing them. As we all know, the Barrie last isn't "sleek". Add to that the 360 degree storm welt and you have a pretty "substantial" boot (they may have been based on Peter Boyle's boots in Young Frankenstein). I never seemed to find a place to wear them.
+1 (to both points) ...but obviously we aren't thinking about street cred
Allow me to give you some "crap" (all in good fun, of course...) for writing that sentence. Going sockless in LWBs is cool if that's what you want, but "the aesthetic bears a sense of candor"? I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person (others may disagree) and I have no idea wtf that means.
Next up, Alden MTOs from General Electric
Spoon = poor man's voodoo bone
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