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Ravello PTBs at Alden NY
To all that commented on my post about brushing too hard - I was responding to the post above (what I should have added is in all my years I've never seen anyone scratch shell using a horsehair brush)
Dirty little secret - I've been cleaning shells with a damp cloth followed by buffing with a torn up piece of towel for 20+ years (learned it from a shoeshine guy that polished my father's Aldens - he started wearing Alden shells in the 50s/60s). Do I have a horsehide brush? Sure. Do I use it? Can't remember when. Rule of thumb - if you are scratching your shells using a horsehide brush, you're brushing too hard.
I was smiling thinking about a Rolls with a lift kit...
Amazing to me that J Gilbert would let a boot go out of their store like that (especially with Tassels HK branding - are they first quality?).
Sounds like someone is rationalizing the purchase of 2 pairs of Color 8 boots (I, on the other hand, have come to accept my weakness and no longer need to justify why I must have many pairs of "similar" shoes/boots...).BTW - I have this boot as well (I had Alden Restoration add commando soles to my pair but I agree with your comment about wearing this boot with a suit, it looks great). I also believe the blind eyelets "dresses up" the boot.
So are you saying that Adam is the Shoe Nazi ("No shell for you!")?
Alden SF just restocked cigar LWBs and PTBs
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