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I did, at a good price, and they are a little large (I'm a pretty standard 9 1/2 D on a brannock). If someone wants an even better price send me a message before I list on eBay.
"Insecure dick waving" (as opposed to "secure dick waving"?), "urine induced wear".... I stopped reading the thread for a while and the conversation certainly took a different turn...
I agree. It was one of my grail watches for a while. Bought a black dial and found that I didn't wear it. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful watch (although I think the white dial is a little easier to read than the black dial) but I found it a "tweener" - too dressy for a sport watch, too flashy/busy for a dress watch. I traded it (along with a fair amount of cash...) for the new AP RO chrono. All is good.
Not to throw cold water on the plan but you might find that the "softness" in the Rolex resale market is positively bullish compared to the Panerai resale market (based on my highly unscientific tracking as I hunt down a 114).
Makes you want to support the Keystone pipeline so that little Canadian kids can demand JLCs as well, right?
I'm not sure I have such a strong reaction (although the bend does look like an afterthought) but at a price point north of $177k my reaction is "who cares?"- for me, it has entered the realm of silly (same reaction I have when I look at much of the work of Jeff Koons - it may be art, and it certainly is well contructed, but really?).
Is "facile sophistry" a Canadian thing, like poutine?
Renting what you love also works, you know, in a pinch.
If we need to measure the shutdown using a perpetual calendar we're really in trouble!
Bill Clinton has one? Another reason to look at other models.
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