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The blue one will pretty much work with any suit, as someone said it probably looks best with grey (also look good with off-white etc) but perfectly fine with navy for a very "clean" and fresh look.As for the brown ties, they will also work just fine with both navy and grey, though probably better with navy.Personally I prefer the last one, but that's because I like my browns to have a certain warmth to them. My complexion and hair-color are more about color than contrast...
I've been considering getting a diamond weave in that color, but this one is really something.Seems to be a pretty similar effect to the diamond-weave though, isn't it?If you have a diamond weave tie, how would you compare them?
The second pic's not bad, but the first one is really fantastic. Love those patterns and textures.
That's a sweet tie, well done. Would love to see it paired with a shirt that was more of a "fresh" blue with less gray in it, though. Clearer, more vibrant blues and warmer browns tend to really bring each other out in my opinion.
Regarding the two choices, if we're talking about the tie itself, I'd go with 167 because I just found it more aestheticaly pleasing with on color prints rather than two. That being said, a tie is usually not worn all on it's own (unless it's a special occasion), so the question is what you're going to wear it with. If we say the suit is going to be navy, I think the 167 would look better with a white shirt or a pink shirt etc, but if you're going to be wearing blue shirts...
Yeah, that's the biggest problem for most people participating in this thread, we're simply too rational when it comes to ties.
That's pretty sweet. I was worried the striping effect would be too strong, but that's nice and subtle.
Is that a three-fold?
Imagine if they got the printers who do the Madder silks to do it. How cool would that map look with the warm earthy browns and the deep rich blues of the madder silks, and all of it on top of that madder lustre.It'd probably be very practical too, as the colors are grouped together, so if your outfit called for a PS with blue in it, you could fold it to show the ocean areas, whereas if you needed earthy browns and beige you could display the area in the top left etc. So...
I'm not sure if herringbone with herringbone is really kosher, but that is one fantastic tie.It might even been one of the best wool ties I've seen thus far.The combination of wool material with solids in earthy colors is wonderful, and the texture-pattern from the herringbone weave just puts it over the top.I seriously need to stay away from this thread for a while, this is going to get very expensive if I keep hanging around.Edit:Are there any pics of the camel one...
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