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You know, you should be careful with posting so many ties. Don't you know that displays of valuable and desirable objects can often inspire would-be criminals to target you? Before you know it, you might have a gang of grenadine-crazed SFers mounting a raid on your house, mansion, yacht or evil lair in search of the collection.
I saw it last night, and I absolutely loved it. Hadn't actually heard of it before, just decided I wanted to see a movie and it looked interesting from what I could see in the movie program, so I gave it a shot and I can tell you that the comparisons to la dolce vita are very well placed, though to be honest I liked this one a lot more than I liked la dolce vita, but it's the same kind of thing in that it doesn't so much have a plot, but rather it takes you through a...
Beautiful tie of course, but the pairing with the shirt and jacket is really fantastic. The overall effect is a basic simplicity, but each component has those interesting subtleties that bring each other out and just ties it all together. Great job
Interesting, I suspected there must be at least one hober tie you didn't own, but I guess we now finally have confirmation.Incidentally, does anyone know if there are any real life pictures of the #19 floating about?
Thanks, but I already have the oxford weave set, that's how I came to the conclusion that I'd like the 22 to begin with. I look through the swatches and narrow down the options, then I spend copious amounts of time in front of the mirror, holding the swatches up to my face and next to a dark suit bending and flexing the swatch to see how the light plays with the color as it hits the fabric from different angles. I finally conclude that the 22 is the best one for me and...
Same combo I'm envisioning. Pale blue if it's greyish with a slight brown tint, and a deeper and deeper blue the browner it is. And if the fabric is similar to the white/black POW, I'm thinking the suit should be like a rich-navy flannel, maybe with white pencil-stripes.EDIT: Pink shirt would probably also be great with this.On the topic of things that would look great with a deeper-blue shirt, does anyone know the status on #22 of the oxford weaves? It's like a darker...
Do you know when this will be approximately?I've got my credit card in my hand and I'm foaming at the mouth here, every minute counts!
Has anyone gone for the Large Prince Of Wales Silk Tie #15 yet? Looking at this and it looks interesting but I'm not entirely sure. If anyone has it, how does it compare to the pic on the site? And would it be possible to get a picture of it in the wild? I apologize if this has been posted about, I've been absent for a little bit and haven't caught up with the backlog of posts since I was last here.
I already have Dressing the Man, which touches on it, but focuses more on the degree of contrast etc than on the actual colors. Is this dealt with more extensively in Style and The Man?And a more general question of Style and The Man, if I already have Dressing The Man as well as Bernhard Routzel's Gentleman, is it worth it getting Style and The Man, or will there just be repetition of the other ones?
Heh no I'm not colorblind, I just find that I have a good eye for matching together colors and patterns, but I find that I often don't take myself into account, so I'll be wearing someting which I love on it's own, only to notice that it makes me look old, tired and washed out. Slight exaggeration there, but you know what I mean. I'm with you on the shirt front, but the shirts I like I can't get where I live, so it's internet or nothing. I mostly go for blues as they're...
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