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I'm not sure if herringbone with herringbone is really kosher, but that is one fantastic tie.It might even been one of the best wool ties I've seen thus far.The combination of wool material with solids in earthy colors is wonderful, and the texture-pattern from the herringbone weave just puts it over the top.I seriously need to stay away from this thread for a while, this is going to get very expensive if I keep hanging around.Edit:Are there any pics of the camel one...
Best idea ever. The graphics on the box are wonderful, to have that in a PS would be really fantastic.In fact, I think I suggested they use a faded version of the map as like a watermark/background on the site (like Drake's London) some time ago when discussing the site with David because that map really is fantastic, but your idea of using it for a pocket square is much better by far.I'd certainly buy that PS.
I'm going to have to go with archibald here and say that height is not a good determinant. Torso length can vary among guys with the same height, as will neck-size, size of chest, size of belly, rise of the trousers etc etc. What you want is something long enough to go from the top of your trousers, up your belly and chest, around your neck and back down, and no part of that journey is a straight line. Even if you wear the same kind of trousers and have the same torso...
Yeah I keep telling myself the same thing, good luck with that The tie I was talking about is the shepards check that I posted, which I've now ordered so it won't be snagged up by you hyenas.
Well, my own experience with the wool challis I have, which is a different print but same weave/weight I should think, is that it's very light and soft. I have it in 3-fold and I was surprised at how soft and strechable the fabric itself is and how light the whole thing ended up being. Almost feels like I'm wearing nothing at allThe real question is what feeling you're looking for. On the one hand if you don't like very light constructions, you probably want to go with a...
Sensible advice, and it has now been taken.Order placed for Burgundy diamond weave and the Black and white shepard's check, both in 6'fold construction. You can fight each other over the last remaining shepard's check.
You lot stay the hell away from it!
Speaking of prying things from your cold dead hands, any news on that picture of the brown POW?Sorry to be such a nag, but I'm just waiting on that picture to make my order.If it's not how I envisioned I'm going for another one instead, one that seems to be selling out quickly.
That's great, the plan is that you seduce the guards so that in the meanwhile I can sneak in and get the stuff.Now all we need is a good wheel-man to drive the getaway car and we'll be good to go.
That's funny because I've been considering the prospect for some now. They don't call me the fox for nothing.
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