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I'm going to take this opportunity to champion my favourite, the burgundy diamond weave. Not really red, but it's my idea of the perfect subtle sophisticated power-tie. Not flashy, just perfect. As for sizing... I'm 6'4 and I order mine 3.85 inches wide and 67 inches long, this is with a 17.5 inch neck, four in hand knot, and the width is what I think looks most proportional to both the length and to my broad shoulders. That being said, I do like both ends to be of...
Yep, keep fighting the good fight.We should start a tie-obsessives anonymous. I'll be your sponsor if you'll be mine, though in all honesty I'm a very enabling sponsor.
Give EMS a try, my experience with DHL is the same, but EMS has gotten through every time. Granted I'm not in the EU, but I am in the EEA.
If you say nothing you get the standard, which is 3 or 4 folds depending on the fabric. If you want more folds, the choice is yours, but David will be able to give you opinions on what will work best depending on what you aim to accomplish. I like my ties soft, heavyish and with a dense knot that sticks, so I tend to go for 6-folds, some like theirs light, in which case 3-fold is usually more suitable (some fabrics are still very light as 6-folds though). What David will...
Hello everyone, I'm back from my tie-hiatus. Been reading the backlog, good to see pink panther is still killing it. Just ordered the map rectangle, the brown prince of wales and the midnight blue grenadine fina with white and red stripes, both in 6'fold. Basically finishing up some unfinished business. Saw someone talking about chance of getting their stuff flagged by customs, I dont know where they live, but my experience has been that EMS always gets through (100%...
Yeah that's what I was imagining, like a navy DB suit made from maybe a flannel or something else with a "wooly" texture and look and with some slightly subtle pencilstripes or not-too-prominent chalkstripes. Especially if the collars on the shirts are nice and spread, white would probably work best, but pale blue would also look nice.
Nice ties, that kind of printed yellow is a bit underused I think, including by me. Not too formal, but still formal enough. The madder especially looks very soft and plump, looks like it'd drape like a dream, which should go well with the "soft" style of the color and print.
Hello there Mr. Postman, what's that you say? A package for me from Thailand? Ok, fine.... I'll take it. Pictures are pretty true to real life, though of course the midnight blue Macclesfield appears much lighter in the bright sunlight than it does when used indoors or in the evening. An interesting thing about the brown tie is it actually turns kind of blue in strong light. I'm guessing the warp used in the weave is midnight blue, so it doesn't normally show, but when...
That's really nice. Good degree of rumpledness (is that a word?) making it more casual and less polished but not getting so rumbled that it threatens to ruin the line of the suit. Is that a knit tie?
I can see why it would be, which tailor did you use?Both the color and the look of the fabric seem perfect for a casually elegant summer suit, so assuming the cloth is cool-wearing enough that's gotta be close to the perfect summer suit as far as I'm concerned.Is there enough wool and general weight in the cloth to prevent it from wrinkling the way linen tends to do? How heavy is the cloth?
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