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But... what are you wearing on your other foot? Now that was a good 'un.
Similar build and hobby, with 44 chest and 34 waist. Here's what I did: I simply stopped worrying about it. I've learned that both men and women, being animals, instinctively pay more attention to physical attributes. I spent $300 on a MTM shirt, which looks great, but every single comment I get when wearing it is about my physique, not my clothing. I get the exact same comments wearing a much cheaper, off-the-rack shirt that I had tailored to fit better. Just buy...
Eelskin wallet... 80's... Whoa. That one was buried in the hard drive. If the poster had never brought it up, I never would have remembered it. Funny how that works. I loved that wallet. Anyone else remember - the rumor that they de-magnetized your cards? Now I'm having flashbacks to Benetton rugby shirts...
Yay or nay? For simplicity's sake, assume both are from the fine folks at Brooks Brothers. Something you can do right... can get away with... or just shouldn't even consider? I'd pair with sport shirt and loafers, instead of dress shirt and lace-ups. If nay... would a sport coat make it more better?
Dude... you're seventeen. You know nothing about... everything. Study hard, have fun, and if you need clothes shop at Gap. If you insist on getting fancy, J Crew. Good luck in life. Carpe diem, and all that.
I know every guy's supposed to own one, and I do, but every time I put it on I can't help feeling like a real estate agent, or Thurston Howell III. Just a simple, wool blazer with darker buttons (vs brass) but can't seem to get it looking like anything other than some kind of uniform. Anyone with me on this?
Thanks, all. Good tip on the sport shirt. Suddenly the suit makes sense to me.
Going to a golf tourney followed by drinks and dinner, and can't decide what to wear. Picked up a navy chino suit that looks good on me, but can't decide if the combo of the deep navy and cotton are just a little weird. The color looks formal, but the fabric is informal. I can see how a khaki chino suit works together, but the color just washes me out. I would wear this navy suit with a tie-less white dress shirt and some casual, slip-on "dress" shoes with rubber soles....
Google is your friend. If you care about your eyes more than fashion, choose a shade of brown. If you care about fashion more than your eyes, choose any colour you like.
Hanky = sophisticated. Pocket square = sissyfied. Just one man's opinion.
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