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ah, gotcha. that's great. learn something new everyday. cheers!
Yes, I can speak cantonese, but not super native. I get ma mo pok. What's sau pok?
Can someone please tell me what is the chinese translation for full canvas? Thanks
I would also like to offer my very recent experiences as well. Like many of you, I was looking to get a suit made in Hong Kong for the three weeks time that I was there. As this was my first bespoke suit and also a newbie to the world of fabrics and suiting, I did some research and knew of the big names that was beyond my budget (Yao, Chan). I narrowed my choices to the mid range tier, that I was able to find from reading every page of this thread. After I was able to...
I have a question for people with Brooks Brothers versions of AE. I ordered a pair of BB Walnut Strands seconds, and it seems to fit way tighter than the regular AE Strands (I have a pair in the exact same size purchased from nordstrom in the summer). I have a pair of Fifth Ave (non BB) in the same size and they fit well and not as tight as the BB Strands. Can anyone comment?
Vancouver people, please ship everything to Point Roberts, faster / free shipping and no need to pay tax and duty.
By the way, if there is still an outlet store open, they are selling park avenue walnut color for 99$ if they have it in your size. Ends today.
So today with the Jefferson outlet, I managed to buy a pair of Dalton's at 30% off the seconds price ($299) and 2 pairs of Cliftons ( black and burgundy) at $99 each. Thinking if I should order a pair of brown fifth street and brown PA as well.
Called the Jefferson outlet, and they are indeed doing the 30% off. The lady was pretty nice. She is going to call back once she finds out if they actually have the shoes I want (Dalton) in stock first. There is a time limit which ends at 6am EST, but is still going to give me the discount later since I called in. Also, there seems to be no limit on the discount.
How much are Dalton 2nd's? I want to know how much they will be after the 30% off.
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