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you seriously never realize how things are til you are actually on the other side, doing that job. i definitely agree with some of the things pointed out already, such as these people are usually forced to introduce themselves and rattle off a few lines, or they get in trouble, if say someone from the company comes to check on if everyone is doing their job properly. For example, i certainly never enjoyed people getting irritated with me because i told them that...
ahhhhhhh. VIVA CHILE MIERDA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I never heard that any of them are from Arcade Fire... Arcade Fire is from Washington, no? Not from Canada. The Arcade Fire reside in Montreal, Quebec o_O
yep, way too cold. i always have to bring a sweater or something with me in the summer if its hot out cause i know if i go indoors anywhere i'll be freezing in about 2 minutes. bleh.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim No idea. I didn't see a plane, but the cop was standing in the road waiting to flag me down, so SOMEONE was radaring me. evil. they do that in the middle of nowhere on the 5 between sf and la and as long as you have someone watching for planes you can do 100. hahah. sorry you got a ticketttttttt
sleepy time extra! (it's tea)
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel My point is, there is a lot of history and culture that a single term cannot convey. thats why i check the "E.) Other " box.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Sorry I've been a little out of touch. I'll try to get one of those in an AA XS (American Girl of Classic American?) out to you as well. I'll give you a call when back in Boston (am in Canadia right now.) woo canada! patience is a virtue, right? (^_^)
OH WORD? (^_^)
i dated someone a couple thousand miles away... we got to see eachother about once every two months or so til i moved up. it takes alot alot of effort if its going to even be possible to maintain a relationship, and it sorta consumes you, like you have to always talk on the phone or online or whatever because if you dont talk its like whats the point cause thats all you can do at the moment. MEH. i dont like long distance relationships. the reunions are incredibly happy...
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