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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Arcade Fire....i heard they sold out the Hollywood Bowl last year (??!!!) I saw them at a big music fest last year and their set made my ears bleed. unlistenable, for me at least. Cool name for a band tho. speaking of the hollywood bowl, i'm excited for Sergio Mendes in June.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster I'll say it: it was a bad movie. i keep thinking people are refering to THIS Crash. anyone seen it?
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G They generally dry in a days time as long as you space them out a bit to allow for air circulation. I've never had any mold/mildew problems doing this, and I do the same with all my button downs. does your closet get wet? im only mildly being a brat. im curious. our clothes drying rack thing is in the laundry room. my closets are dark and cold so things would get questionable in there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Not to sound elitist, but do any of you recall the time when air travel was sort of a luxury? I recollect as a lad "dressing" to travel, just as we were trained to dress for dinner. I still feel a little naked walking onto a jetliner without at least a sportcoat. yeah, i also recall when a "smoking section" was allowed on the plane. and being stuck one row in front of it at age 8 for a 12 hour flight. i...
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G I wash them in cold and hang dry in my closet. dont they get moldy?
Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 Oh, and actual content. Saw Hostel last night, completely freaked me out. MEH. hostel was just gross and had a crap storyline. i wasnt scared, just kind of nauseated.
you seriously never realize how things are til you are actually on the other side, doing that job. i definitely agree with some of the things pointed out already, such as these people are usually forced to introduce themselves and rattle off a few lines, or they get in trouble, if say someone from the company comes to check on if everyone is doing their job properly. For example, i certainly never enjoyed people getting irritated with me because i told them that...
ahhhhhhh. VIVA CHILE MIERDA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I never heard that any of them are from Arcade Fire... Arcade Fire is from Washington, no? Not from Canada. The Arcade Fire reside in Montreal, Quebec o_O
yep, way too cold. i always have to bring a sweater or something with me in the summer if its hot out cause i know if i go indoors anywhere i'll be freezing in about 2 minutes. bleh.
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