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Quote: Originally Posted by jet all three were superb and tasted even better than they looked no pic of the fried squash blossoms stuffed with ricotta damn, total fail forgetting a pic of those... kelv forgot one though SPACE COCOON!!!!!!!1111
random thought: synthese is the only dude i've seen that has rocked a tank top and not looked dorky, meathead steez, gross, or offensive.
well, we only have 9 years til LA looks like this so i can wait
Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 But there's also a strange contradictory feeling that I'm still a kid (26). we are totally on the same wavelength. i'm also 26. several of my friends are younger than me, and sometimes i forget that. i feel like a kid a lot of the time, but at the same time when i remember i'm several years older than them and that many of my classmates from high school are married and all that nonsense and that i...
meh, after 24 everything started to make me feel old... enjoy it while it lasts haha
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel ^It's a dinner for habituees of Ask Andy About Clothes at McCormick & Schmidt's restaurant on Rodeo Drive. The illustrious Mr. Andy Gilchrist will be present. Starts at 6:00. I am going in (dressy) casual daywear. I hope all the iGents won't be in black tie, making me feel like a yokel! was he wearing that ring?
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 speak for yourself...........................................im unemployed lol.... +1
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one would not tap (1.5)... My girl knows flats are some boosheet, she has a jet-like arsenal of heat for her feet. Got a couple pair of deadstock Alaias in the leather-strapped boxes waiting for the new season. well good for her. does it make you feel better about yourself to use your gf's shoe collection to one-up people? you want a cookie?
thanks aeglus your fit is fantasticccccccc! nobunny, your legs rival fuji's but fuji is cute so its ok. that suit just looks... weird.
lots of hair talk and fighting today! keepin it simple. hurty knee & sandals (sorry jet) hopefully this time my fit doesnt make anyone cry at the thought of their gf wearing it.
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