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Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix i'm pretty sure it's otter. He'd probably let you fuck his wife. You stud. or kent being even creepier. nil has nice lips
counting down to halloween! pretending it's cold.
flats no vis i think i need a short boot or "booties" as they like to call them also the coat is poofy im not that rotund irl.
Quote: Originally Posted by connor MPH baby con con can you go to the registrar office and punch the supervisor for me? they're holding my diploma hostage
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Hi shelly! Not in San Francisco this fall? no, i graduated so i'm back in la when's the rager?!?
Quote: Originally Posted by softy also that smile looks a hell of a lot like: Quoted for cuteness!
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Yeah, not a lot of free time these days. Another dessert worth trying, if off the beaten path, is the maple coconut bread pudding at Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park. The Chicken Pot Pie is pretty good, too. HAI ROB!!!!!!
what about furoshiki?
Quote: Originally Posted by themselves christ you look ridiculous. i suspect deep down you know it, hence the miserable expression in all these 'fits' you post. I'd love to know where you wear these get ups. to school when you pick up the kids? you're a physically squat, married with kids, 40-something Mr Average dressing like you're ... I don't know what... something is not right. its amazing how some people take what random bits of info...
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt myth perpetuated by people unable to attract women who are either high IQ-ed or remotely pretty. OP: sounds like you don't have even a slight grasp of who she is, although you've implied you've been out on a date? usually by then you can tell whether or not they are worth seeing again...
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