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BBM 4eva!!11111 i dont think there ARE any cheap data packages unless you switch to like boost mobile, lolz. i pay entirely too much for my phone plan and it pisses me off.
I like reading reviews and writing sometimes... most of the time you can determine from the reviews if it is a place you'd like or is worth trying. I hate the Elite users who seem to be especially annoying, and the ones that write 10 paragraph reviews including a back story and all this useless information not pertaining to the restaurant or whatever. Also there's always that one person writing a bad review on a good place but you can usually tell they're stupid and...
buh. all the internships i've applied to i haven't heard back from and all the jobs told me i don't have enough experience. these are entry level jobs. really? >_<
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m My goal is that every comment I make in WAYWT going forward is going to be a rap lyric until the end of the year. LIKE.
fyi... this is cake,
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi really surprised of no sneakers or ballet flats. SRSLY WHERE ARE THE FLATS Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you come to DC man; where there are no asians and everyone else's style sucks so hard no one will be trying to buy Lanvin x H&M. i live like 4 blocks from the main H&M here. You can come stay with me and we'll go cop all the merchandise then sell it to people in Canada for 3 times...
Doc, Hit up hermosa mexican cuisine if you're ever in hermosa beach. hole in the wall, but i had a very tasty wet burrito there a while back.
Quote: Originally Posted by hanna2010 Bubble Bobble is one of the fascinating games for many gamers and can highly recommend because of the great gaming memories provided. It would be the best relaxation for children when they have nothing to do. This is the best to place for the child without breaking any glasses or anything. lolwut? i find mario paint more relaxing...
do you delete the pictures of you together on fb? we are still friends, i ended it awhile back but we still talk online and text. we were together for a little over a year, but the last 3 months were long distance, and that just reaffirmed the feelings i'd been having about wanting to focus on myself and figuring out my next step after graduating. i made it clear that we weren't gonna get back together. but still kinda seems like a fuck you to up and delete all the...
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix I RUN THIS CREW WHAAAAAT "Fighting racism, sexism and classism on internet boards since 09. To serve and protect" hi, you don't run anything.
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