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boring, but i'm thinking rainboots were a smart purchase
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy no you don't you're right. i did send his family a christmas card though, haha. my mom made me! Quote: Originally Posted by kungapa If he is getting you a birthday & xmas gift it is for one of rather few reasons: 1. He is just a really, really nice guy who genuinely wants to stay friends, and show that by wanting to give you a gift (highly unlikely) 2. He got something very...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitas Guess who's back and hes stuntin on you hoes... P.S. Synthese that is perfection.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt id suggest you give him a polite thank you. Unless you wanna go back.... yeah i definitely wasn't planning on exchanging gifts. Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Where have you been!?! I think tomgirl is trying to steal your role of forum mascot I'm here! just hanging out... lurking in the shadows i guess? haha Have I been slacking on mascot duties? Where have YOU been?
my ex just told me he got me a birthday & xmas gift... now i have to get him something (?)
I went there once. 11th grade... Before the homecoming dance. I've no desire to go back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Why is your cat in the sink? I originally thought you'd named it Papichulo. he likes to sit in there! idk. he also enjoys hanging out in a paper grocery bag.
Papelucho at least looks at me when i call his name.
a LOT of cheap girl's clothing is made out of polyester... it's the worst. it looks like crap and feels gross. how people can completely disregard fabrics is beyond me.
i finally have a cat! he is 6 months old.
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