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Quote: Originally Posted by sexandcandy and dark chocolate bread pudding from larchmont bungalow on beverly i wanna try the red velvet pancakes
hi! (yes i am jumping and yes there are glasses in my pocket)
overheard in vroman's today a couple of 20-30something hipsters, this one guy telling the other two people about his friend's food truck that he is going to start... some gems i heard: -the problem is that the food trucks are all blending together, and hes really going 'out there' -the best part is he's a total hipster -he is going to post on twitter and facebook about his daily offerings also heard him say something about a coffee shop and only offering books...
i love cupcakes! red velvet pls! kara's in sf has some good ones... i am an og cupcake fan! and, yes they are cute. boys just dont understand
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I have no idea what that is and I don't feel like googling but I did 60 pullups to warm up before my workout tonight. in 5th grade we had to do a "fitness test" and had to do 5 pullups and i couldn't do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Thanks guys I just spent half an hour trying to pin down exactly when / were I saw Converge in Boston in 1999 UNSUCCESSFULLY. The internet has failed me. when i saw them in 04 the show ended with jamie jasta coming out and doing some hatebreed songs with converge and with a mini riot where the doors got broken and security got beat up converge was amazing of course. New Balances just give me...
ya'll need to get some less clueless girlfriends. if i ever said OH NO I DON'T WANT THAT BALENCIAGA JACKET LETS JUST GO TO THE GAP! i'd have to let someone come stab me in the neck.
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello I think it might be better without the necklace as well, but you'd probably disagree. I think I'd have liked to see maybe a longer necklace.
you can buy kitty nail scissors and trim them a bit so they're not quite as sharp and painful when they attack you. Rambo, you can definitely tell that sometimes he's probably thinking Ugh why do they bother me so much? Kitty is not amused.
my cat loves biting but i think he's slowly learning to not bite so hard. in the morning he comes in my room and bites my feet. he also seems to meow loudly once in awhile for no reason from another room, and i just answer back. i dont think he appreciates being mimicked. it's definitely kitty's world and he does what he wants, but i still pick him up and try to hug him a bunch even though i know he doesn't enjoy it.
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