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west, did you puncture your eardrum and break your hand at the same time? that woulda been epic and i woulda paid to see.
sq: awesome jacket (i'm obsessed with silk!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Fycus Stop fooling yourself you look 100x better in the diors than the skinny nudies. no. Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you tamagatchi; i don't know. lets see. requires a lot of attention, whines a lot, needs lots of care and love...xenox? i miss my tamagotchi. they got banned at school (5th or 6th grade, yes i'm amazing.) because they'd go off in class cus they needed food or...
there were a few that came up in my town... a couple had rape by force listed and they are REALLY creepy looking. now i am creeped out.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl ha, that was great. i find that a lot of men are either misinformed or deluded about their height in real life, makes sense they'd be the same way online. this has been my experience also
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese hendrix is the worst and I am the best. uncontrol remains angry. i think he's just feisty.
do you have a business account? does it even matter/ what's the difference?
i know what i want to do, but so far i don't know how to get there. plus i have no job and looming debt. i feel like i have a lot of potential but cant find someone to give me a chance.
ahhh... i need a job!
i love eavesdropping. most of the time it is really stupid shit you overhear but last night on the shuttle home from hollywood bowl i overheard this scottish guy across from me saying he was a jockey and rode for bobby frankel. i think he was also a little tipsy, and was having a long conversation with the large woman next to him.
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