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Has anyone been to Choza Mama in old town pas yet? i'm definitely stoked about a peruvian restaurant being in the area, but the yelp reviews are mixed. people are stupid though so i'll definitely be trying it myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lighthouse American women want everything. They want a "soul mate" who can spend endless hours talking philosophy and feelings, as long as you agree with her; they want jobs but don't want the kids being tended by someone else; they want a big house and nice car but don't want to be second place to a job. They want to be treated as an equal partner, but want to be lead by their man. They want to be "completed" by their man,...
we moved in 5th grade. i also changed schools in 5th grade but my best friend changed with me from private school to public so we survived that together. in 6th grade i went to a new school and i was scared but i managed.
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 wasnt at the exact same time, but pretty close. are you not ignoring me anymore? you love me? i love you more then you could ever know. and to continue with my bad luck i decided to jump into a brawl last night to help my friends with the only one hand i have now. and got knocked out. how exciting. you're on probation. trying to with one hand? whats that saying about hindsight?
i didn't listen after antics cus all the songs kinda sounded the same to me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 The redbull flugtag was right by my apt. this weekend and it was a blast. Had about 15 friends come over and we walked over, boozed it up all day. I REALLY wish I put in a float. Ok, I was gonna embed some pics from facebook but cant figure out how. So just take my word.... 100k people = Major drunk fest. did you see the green army men? i know a couple of those dudes. also, i am back in la...
the OP made it seem like a choice to grow up in a good family, etc. as far as choosing to live a "normal life", life is unexpected. you can try to plan things but sometimes stuff is out of your control.
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