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i thought this was the break-up thread not the hookup thread...
^ for reals.
robbie i love red shoes, i wanna get some now
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx On a related note, I think Porto's is overrated. Sure its good, but again, people treat it like its the best thing ever and show it off when they go to parties. My parents even brought some back, took on a flight to have for Can't believe I waited in line that long to get a fruit tart or some fried potato balls or whatever. Sandwiches are not that great either. The Porto's they just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 What are college girls doing now? Me. OYR. you were too scared to even talk to me on skype.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara WOW, two in one day. "lifetime true movie thursday holllla" stop being friends with such idiots on facebook. problem solved.
o hai stazy, see you at disneyland? also +1 on what kyle said also go to monterey to the aquarium its the best!
maybe i'm getting my revenge for all the odd comments i've received over my posting in this thread... Synth I enjoy the colors in this fit, but I especially enjoyed your last one: you totally looked ready to be taken advantage of.
SF ice cream social??? Sign me up! animal crossing
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