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go hang out with stazy people, he's cool!
thanks! maybe i will...
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai I have almost completely given up on the bus and am back to driving. Both are fucking awful, but I have not decided which is worse. i'm looking at 40-45 min no traffic... 1hr 30- 45 traffic i looked up bus and it said 2 hr 33min......................................
reviving an old thread because my commuting days are just beginning again. i have a feeling it is going to be very stressful. anyone else?
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy No, that was a joke. I know you're hurting right now stazy but this too shall pass. I guess it we just weren't meant to be.... people on sf take things too seriously
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 ^ ..they're called long-distance relationships. they don't work. you would know that if you had ever been in a relationship.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy home of the mexi-asians! i could go for some 88 rice bowl right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Back in the '80s I collected all these Garfield anthologies they sold at the school book fairs: school book fairs! also... i went to a taping of the show and got some signed glossy photo of the dude that played J.T.
the sunset is easy you can take the 19 or 29 and get there in like 10 mins. some mornings the busses are packed though.
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