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Wow - not sure how long ago I posted that... I have been far more educated since. Dino has shown us his Piaget-based Cartier; I understand they have used other high end movements as well as their own manufacture (which I don't really know much about in terms of quality). That's a serious necro-quote, though.
THat place is really good... I think it was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives... .which isn't always a good thing, but I really liked their food. There's a place called Ed's Potsticker House about a block away that is also quite good.
I went to a very reputable dealer. Aaron Faber, in New York is very well known and respected, so I am confident everything I purchased is original and genuine.
I paid $3k with tax included and a replacement strap for my rolex. It was still a fairly new model.My other watches are all lower mid-range - I was saving up for a GO PanoLunar, and probably will start again, but I have a few watches I like to wear and I really wanted this rug: http://www.therugcompany.com/us/silver-rings (I'm super happy with the purchase) so I'm back to like $100 in the kitty, and I won't buy a watch on credit.Oris WorldtimerA vintage Gold Ulysses...
I bought one about 6 months ago and i'm very happy with it. Was going back and forth between that and a JLC master geo ; the JLC is more nicely finished, but I just couldn't get past the winking robot, and the master world geo was too pricey and too busy/sporty. Honestly, I have yet to find a true worldtimer with a layout that I personally like better. There's a Ball that is decent, and the PP is livable if you have $40k to drop, but if you like it - go for it,...
Take it with a grain of salt because I've never been a big Paneristi, but I can't see how a Panerai fan wouldn't like everything they make.... they really mostly look the same to me.
So - Nuke, you're not the only person who has recommended Freda here. I got a CF croc strap from them last week... I have seen CF straps in person before, and I have no reason to believe it's not genuine, but I found it odd that it does not say "Genuine Alligator" or "Genuine Crocodile" anywhere. Also, I would have liked another mm of padding, but for the price, I'm in no position complain about that! Do CF straps really not have the material stamped inside the strap?
I still think Publican is overrated. Looking forward to trying Kahan's new place in the Thompson, though.
Also a little ironic, Auburn lost the same way they won their last two games... Big Special Teams play / last second heroics.
Saban must love sitting on the sideline for this and being asked questions... you would never know from his expression of course, since it always looks like he's passing a stone.
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