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Does anyone know where I can get quality, cotton corduroy fabric with a wale of 3 or less, please? I want to get some trousers made in the thickest wale available and I'm not having much luck through web searches. So far, all I can find is furnishing fabric in wale lower than 4. Thanks very much
I always enjoy cords, especially the chunky ones in colder weather, but they have to be the heavier cloth for me - I'm not a fan of skinny cords.
:-) I'm not against chocolate brown and am considering it now, thanks!
Well said, ClotheshorseHB! I agree that wearing a corduroy suit makes a statement, one of individuality, in my opinion, and I'm happy about that.I stand by my comments about tie, shirt, accessories needing to be plain, so as not to make the suit look crazy or detract from the suit itself. I'm now thinking brown for my next jumbo corduroy suit :-)
LOL Not sure why canary yellow would be considered impolite, GBR, but can appreciate that jumbo corduroy is not for everyone :-)
Time to get another jumbo corduroy suit made and I was thinking canary yellow or tan... Any thoughts?
The widest wale I have found available to a tailor is 5 wales per inch. I think anything lower than 5 wale is considered a "furnishing fabric" although you might find 4 wale if you are lucky. I much prefer the wider wale corduroy and would wear 1 wale corduroy trousers but that isn't going to happen unless I learn how to cut and sew!
Now the cooler weather is here I can wear my jumbo cord suit almost every day! :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover You have to dress as you wish to and you cannot let others dictate that. You yourself haev to enjoy and feel comfortable in what you are wearing weither that is a tie or blazer in addition to your normal getup. Perhaps you may be better dressed them most of your coworkers but that should only inspire them to dress better rather then shun you for uping your apperance. Excellent post! :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 I'm also looking to scoop up a suit in the next week or so..... Any luck?
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