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I've had a beard or goatee for virtually my entire adult life, and have never come across anyone who has a problem with it. In fact I get many comments about how professorial I look, or how manly I look - depending on how long it is at the time.
It's really up to you, but white pants / blue blazer sounds very informal for a wedding. I can't really speak to the 'rules' of a wedding, but in my own opinion black tie would be fine since it will basically be dusk when you start the ceremony.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 The tie seems a little close in color and tone to the SC, but maybe that's just me... I would agree with that. Perhaps a cream shirt and navy knit tie? That coat is a ton of fun though!
Ask to see examples of the work. It's a reasonable request. If they can not comply, or the work is poor, look elsewhere. It may also be able to find garment repair shops online that will accept an item posted to them.
We do not like them.
Yes there are the 4 types of brouge shoes, but I've often seen decorative punching described as brougeing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde none of those are brogued in fact, by definition, a wholecut can never be brogued What are you talking about? Brogue = decorative perforations.
I prefer the last and brouging on the Italigente, though I am unfamiliar with their quality.
Give him the money. He was nice enough to let you borrow his jacket.
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