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We do not like them.
Yes there are the 4 types of brouge shoes, but I've often seen decorative punching described as brougeing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde none of those are brogued in fact, by definition, a wholecut can never be brogued What are you talking about? Brogue = decorative perforations.
I prefer the last and brouging on the Italigente, though I am unfamiliar with their quality.
Give him the money. He was nice enough to let you borrow his jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by well-kept It's all a matter of balance. I personally love old things, from furniture to clothing, but to wear aged clothes you need a counterbalancing factor - youth, beauty, wealth, fame, or that certain aristocratic bearing - a look which may not be easy to achieve. Lots of truth here.
Holy crap man. That is as bad as it gets. I would talk to him about terminating the project. Perhaps if he refunded you 1/2 your deposit? Kinda crap to have to pay money to get that abomination, but better to be out 1/4 of the money with nothing to show for it, instead of out 100% of the money with a coat that you will never be happy with. Really, if he started over do you think the coat will turn out exactly how you want?
Or wear a different suit. Or use the jacket as an odd jacket with pants that fit.
Burn it. Please.
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