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plal doesn't really sell C&J anymore - only what they have in stock. I would suggest pediwear.co.uk - located in the UK so prices in GBP, but prices are quite good even with shipping to the US (Free for C&J).
SOLD USD Shipped Con US Paypal Personal. For sale is a New With Tag Polo Ralph Lauren sport coat in grey herringbone. It has a great soft shoulder with minimal padding, and is generally unstructured. Three patch pockets, fully lined, center vent still sewn shut. Has a faux belt piece on the back. This sport coat will be perfect for spring / summer - content of 67% linen, 20% wool and 13% silk. It is a beautiful weave, and although I have not worn it, I think the...
You are going to be wearing this ring when you are 80 years old. Think you'll still like it? I also will be getting married soon, but will be choosing a plain band.
I think it is the only way for the tailor to realistically assess how you like your coats to fit. Some like them a bit looser, some a bit tighter. Wear in what you like and he will know what you are looking for. And do remember, you are paying him and the tailor is working for you.
Very cool to see some in-process pictures. It gives me an indication of how difficult the craft is. Thanks for taking the time to document the process for us.
Damn man, that is some quality stuff. I'd love to see in-process pictures. Thanks!
Lulz "Extreme ironing is the latest dangerous sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity and the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt."
More formal than a notched lapel, but perfectly acceptable to wear to work - though you may be viewed as eccentric if working in a conservative setting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kappelan Good god those are some big lapels.
It's my guess that the OP is actually a butler and is asking how he can get his employer to select more than just his favorite suits. I assume he lays out multiple outfits per day to allow the employer to choose what he likes best. Why not just make the seldom worn suit outfits look better than the favorites?
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