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They look very well made and I don't think are any more flamboyant than alligator shoes. Looks like some kind of reptile skin....Gharial?
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Jacket on the right looks like shit.
Thanks guys, I think I'll keep it. It is about 1" shorter than anything else I have so looks a bit strange and different to me, which is why I was looking for a second opinion. I can still return it, but it has been a bit difficult finding a navy summer coat. Plus it's got a cool pink half lining.
What say you? Too short?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny =
Maybe try a 42?
plal doesn't really sell C&J anymore - only what they have in stock. I would suggest - located in the UK so prices in GBP, but prices are quite good even with shipping to the US (Free for C&J).
SOLD USD Shipped Con US Paypal Personal. For sale is a New With Tag Polo Ralph Lauren sport coat in grey herringbone. It has a great soft shoulder with minimal padding, and is generally unstructured. Three patch pockets, fully lined, center vent still sewn shut. Has a faux belt piece on the back. This sport coat will be perfect for spring / summer - content of 67% linen, 20% wool and 13% silk. It is a beautiful weave, and although I have not worn it, I think the...
You are going to be wearing this ring when you are 80 years old. Think you'll still like it? I also will be getting married soon, but will be choosing a plain band.
I think it is the only way for the tailor to realistically assess how you like your coats to fit. Some like them a bit looser, some a bit tighter. Wear in what you like and he will know what you are looking for. And do remember, you are paying him and the tailor is working for you.
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