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I've been told by my tailor they use a special machine to put the faux buttonhole stitching onto the sleeve, so after shortening you can either forgo the stitching, or have real buttonholes made. I'd be interested to hear if my tailor was correct. But definitely shorten the sleeves.
What color is the center tie? Sage #19 or Olive #18? Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny
1st POW. I wouldn't worry about being short, the pattern is fine enough that when someone is close enough to see it, they already know how short you are.
Lulz....whore shoes.
They look very well made and I don't think are any more flamboyant than alligator shoes. Looks like some kind of reptile skin....Gharial?
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Jacket on the right looks like shit.
Thanks guys, I think I'll keep it. It is about 1" shorter than anything else I have so looks a bit strange and different to me, which is why I was looking for a second opinion. I can still return it, but it has been a bit difficult finding a navy summer coat. Plus it's got a cool pink half lining.
What say you? Too short?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny =
Maybe try a 42?
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