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PM'ed on PZ suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingOnIt +1 Fitment with the face is so critical. I bought a pair of Mosley Tribe aviators thinking they'd look great. Seeing the vacation photos, not so much... I like Maui Jim. Mosley Tribe "feels" a slight step below them. One honestly can't go wrong with RayBans. I've never been a big fan of Oakley just because they feel too casual compared to the others. But the top three factors for "fashionable...
I got these linen Robert Wayne shoes at Nieman's last call not long ago for a good price. A bit more formal than a boat shoe, which I like:
Chest? BOC?
As you asked for style advice and not fitness advice I will not tell you to loose weight blah blah blah. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. Check out Ethan Desu's blog: http://ethandesu.blogspot.com/ He certainly isn't obese, but he's a man's man and has a fantastic style that is universally approved around here. It should give you some ideas of looks to emulate.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz I quite like the tux on the left - it looks like the coat does not button and so has a very nice lapel roll on each side. Is there a name for this? I've never seen it before.
Doesn't Tom Ford make very structured garments? I recall a Jeffery D blog post where he tore into a TF jacket and it had 3 layers of chest canvas.
Those are totally awesome, I bet there was fun had when making them.
Here are a few of my recent suede acquisitions. It's been a suedesplosion! Picked these up at Paul Stuart in NYC at a pretty good discount. Made by Grenson for PS I believe. The next 2 I got at Wilkes Bashford at 1/2 off. Navy suede by Barrett. Will be great with white pants and a navy linen SC. The undyed stitching contrasts really well with the navy, and the suede wrap on the horse bit keeps it from looking too gaudy - though they are certainly...
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