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As you asked for style advice and not fitness advice I will not tell you to loose weight blah blah blah. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. Check out Ethan Desu's blog: He certainly isn't obese, but he's a man's man and has a fantastic style that is universally approved around here. It should give you some ideas of looks to emulate.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz I quite like the tux on the left - it looks like the coat does not button and so has a very nice lapel roll on each side. Is there a name for this? I've never seen it before.
Doesn't Tom Ford make very structured garments? I recall a Jeffery D blog post where he tore into a TF jacket and it had 3 layers of chest canvas.
Those are totally awesome, I bet there was fun had when making them.
Here are a few of my recent suede acquisitions. It's been a suedesplosion! Picked these up at Paul Stuart in NYC at a pretty good discount. Made by Grenson for PS I believe. The next 2 I got at Wilkes Bashford at 1/2 off. Navy suede by Barrett. Will be great with white pants and a navy linen SC. The undyed stitching contrasts really well with the navy, and the suede wrap on the horse bit keeps it from looking too gaudy - though they are certainly...
I've been told by my tailor they use a special machine to put the faux buttonhole stitching onto the sleeve, so after shortening you can either forgo the stitching, or have real buttonholes made. I'd be interested to hear if my tailor was correct. But definitely shorten the sleeves.
What color is the center tie? Sage #19 or Olive #18? Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny
1st POW. I wouldn't worry about being short, the pattern is fine enough that when someone is close enough to see it, they already know how short you are.
Lulz....whore shoes.
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