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Both are tight in the chest. Unfortunately if a 44R is too big in the shoulder for you, then MTM is your future.
I would like to see photos, or at least a description of this "Traditional Menswear".Also, where do you live?
Snap the front of the brim down and you're there. Very PTW.
The shoulders look wide on all to me. Not bad, but a bit wide. I would recommend using an online outfit like moderntailor.com. As a student, I'm sure value is of importance to you. $250 USD is a hell of a lot for a shirt - especially a shirt that doesn't fit great.
This may be stupid, but would it be possible to remove the heal of a regular dress shoe and use a full length topy?
I am the sadness these are not US9.5.
My first WAYWRN - I've learned a lot from this thread and think it is time to take the next step and post pictures for criticism. This was an unnaturally low angle which is not very flattering. I'll crack out the tripod next time.
3. 2. 1.
Quote: Originally Posted by A.J.V [center]Today: Great look! Your definitely one of the best new posters here.
Damn - now that is a deal.
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