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This may be stupid, but would it be possible to remove the heal of a regular dress shoe and use a full length topy?
I am the sadness these are not US9.5.
My first WAYWRN - I've learned a lot from this thread and think it is time to take the next step and post pictures for criticism. This was an unnaturally low angle which is not very flattering. I'll crack out the tripod next time.
3. 2. 1.
Quote: Originally Posted by A.J.V [center]Today: Great look! Your definitely one of the best new posters here.
Damn - now that is a deal.
PM'ed on PZ suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingOnIt +1 Fitment with the face is so critical. I bought a pair of Mosley Tribe aviators thinking they'd look great. Seeing the vacation photos, not so much... I like Maui Jim. Mosley Tribe "feels" a slight step below them. One honestly can't go wrong with RayBans. I've never been a big fan of Oakley just because they feel too casual compared to the others. But the top three factors for "fashionable...
I got these linen Robert Wayne shoes at Nieman's last call not long ago for a good price. A bit more formal than a boat shoe, which I like:
Chest? BOC?
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