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Deets on these shoes?You consistently have fantastic shoes - one of the best collections on here I'd say.
Uh...he is gay.I got a good laugh when I saw it.
So how short were the sleeves? If they were 6" short then you made the right choice.
+1 - It will cost the same for alterations locally as it would for shipping. Have Chan pay for it or discount your next order.
Got any German stuff at all? Jeez.I used to like the symmetry of the windsor / HW. Now I quite like the asymmetry of the FIH. It adds a bit of tension and movement. The lack of symmetry makes it much more visually interesting, in my opinion.
Definitively hit up Wilkes Bashford. The store is set up fantastically and is great fun just to browse.
Both are tight in the chest. Unfortunately if a 44R is too big in the shoulder for you, then MTM is your future.
I would like to see photos, or at least a description of this "Traditional Menswear".Also, where do you live?
Snap the front of the brim down and you're there. Very PTW.
The shoulders look wide on all to me. Not bad, but a bit wide. I would recommend using an online outfit like As a student, I'm sure value is of importance to you. $250 USD is a hell of a lot for a shirt - especially a shirt that doesn't fit great.
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