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I use Ricardo's in Sunnyvale - living in San Jose it can be difficult to get up to the city. I've had good experiences with Ricardo. I had him narrow the shoulders on an Isaia and it came out fantastic. Be sure to wear in a suit that fits well to show him where you want the cuffs / hems though. I guess that is good practice for all tailors.
I would guess the previous owner just had a tailor add in extra padding - quite common. If a tailor put it in, a tailor can take it out.
Lovin' NYR's lapels
These boots are awesome. Holy crap. Not even close to my size though.
If you are desperate you could take material from the hem and sew a panel into the seat seam - you are getting into some pretty janky territory there though.
This makes sense. I went there for the first time 2 weeks ago while in BOS on the forum's recommendation. There were a couple of ugly Brioni ties, but the rest was cheap crap and I was confused as to why the forum directed people there. So now I know.
I really wanted girbaud jeans, but we couldn't afford them. Or a Hypercolor shirt, weren't those like 100 bucks?
Shoulders seem a touch wide. I usually get side pleats to allow for movement as well. Overall quite good though.
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