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[[SPOILER]] TKE - I think you may have arms that are slightly longer than average, which is causing a lot of the "it's too short" comments. Many people are used to seeing a jacket end mid thumb - which is generally ok for people with average length arms. Longer arms make the gap between thumb and jacket hem larger and out oft he range people are used to seeing. To my eye it looks fine, especially considering it is a casual sport coat.Congrats on really improving your...
How can these still be here?
Bottom of the lapels are no good, but as PB said maybe can be tweaked. The rest is very nice though, especially the shoulder.
Could maybe use a bit of improvement on the photography. I'm in love with this sport coat.
My suggestion would be to return all those CK suits, take the money and go to Brooks Brothers. They have a number of styles / cuts and are of good quality. Get a plain navy suit, charcoal suit, and a subtle sport coat. You'll be good for a long time with those. Use shirts and ties to change it up and give variety. No one will ever notice you've only got 2 suits and a sport coat if you get creative and switch stuff up. You can add other stuff in a few weeks (linen) as...
The 42L looks much better. Looks like the chest is just starting to bow however, which would indicate you can't go smaller. I sympathise and realize you've got the 6 CK suits that have been altered, but would urge you to 'buy less, buy better' in the future.
Measurements please?
Check out Sierra trading post. I got my wedding suit there - Isaia single breasted, single button, peak lapel in chocolate brown. One wacked-out combination of formal and casual. Was exactly what I was looking for and everyone said I looked smashing. Suit was round $800 w/ sales I think. Best of luck.
Measurements please.
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