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Ace - I think a lot of the comments are caused by the camera angle as well. Do you have the ability to take another photo up higher?
Reevolving, you are king of the idiots.
Fabric lining? Buy real shoes that have a full leather lining. Problem solved.
Tibor = Pimp. Zero fucks given.
It has besom pockets.
Fantastic Sartorio Napoli SC in a tweed-esque fabric that is fairly light weight. An olive/tan base with burnt orange and dark green overcheck, 100% wool. Quarter lined in dark brown cotton. Side vents. Unpadded shoulders. Price includes shipping conUS. Shoulders:18" Chest: 21" Sleeve:25.125" BOC: 30.125"
Very nice silk hounds tooth sport coat from Brooks Brothers custom line. $25+ actual shipping. Purchased this from M.Brenan about 2 years ago; had the chest and waist taken in so those can be let back out. Has working buttons on the cuffs; all button holes are hand sewn. Shoulders: 18.75" Chest: 20.5" Sleeve (outside): 23.75" BOC: 29.25"
Corduroy sport coats would be alright as well I think, especially if you get a very casual cut that is unstructured and uses a casual pocket style. Perhaps a quilted jacket as well, though those are generally for outdoor wear in the fall.
Did he not just say "A very old tailor in Milan"?
I think the jacket is a bit too structured for this look. Less structure would have seemed more coherent to me. I like the belt.
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