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My significant other spent several years at on the of top law firms in nyc. I met many of her coworkers and, to be honest, I was amazed how poorly many dressed, considering what they were getting paid. Sure, a few of them always looked great and were in top quality outfits, but a good chunk also looked like slobs/dressed terribly or in ill-fitting suits. I guess working 12 hour days 6 days a week didn't leave them caring much about their dress. I wouldn't worry too much.
thanks for the feedback. cheers!
please update after you've had a chance to wear them for a while. i've been curious about the quality of j.crew's shoes and would love to hear about how they turn out!
I've had a similar experience with my own pair of indy boots. I wear a 10 in most shoes, occasionally a 9.5. I ordered a 9.5. The heel fits well and doesn't move when walking. I do feel like I have a ton of room up at the front of my foot though. If I wear thick socks and securely lace them, they work fine. If I want to wear them with thinner socks, I find the extra space in the front feels funky and I generally stick in a thin, flat insert like these...
On I've had a fedex driver scan the package as delivered when he was still en route before. He eventually showed up with it a good hour after it was supposedly delivered. He didn't have much of an explanation for why he did this, i called fedex after and complained about the incident for what it was worth.
i have one question/issue about this. i find that its a lot harder to discern the fit on carpet. at least in my apartment, i find the carpet is thick enough that the padding from it can make an overly loose shoe feel like its a better fit than it actually is. i find much easier to get a sense of fit wearing it in the uncarpeted kitchen or bathroom.
Thanks for your thoughts and the others as well! At the moment, my inclination is that the overall fit feels good enough to keep them, even if my toes feel a little overly wiggly.
hard to tell as precisely, i guess about 1-2 inches past end of lacing? the shoes feels comfortable, except for my toes feeling like they are sticking out into a big empty box....i don't know if a smaller size would help, or if that ruin the fit in the rest of the shoe.
I received a pair of the jcrew alden indy boots for christmas and I'm having a bit of trouble deciding about the fit, so I thought I might ask here. I got a size 9.5 in the boot. In most shoes, I wear a 10, but I'm on the smaller side of a 10, and I do have some shoes in 9.5. I feel like the boot fits very well around the heel and instep. There isn't really any heel movement and it feels comfortable. However, I do feel like the toes have a ton of room around them. As...
I'll be in Vienna for business from late October to early November, and was wondering if anyone had any advice on what type of outerwear would be appropriate. Would a lightweight raincoat suffice for over a suit, or do you think I should bring a heavier wool coat. I am trying to minimize my travel weight, as before Vienna, I'll be in Dubai for 2 weeks. I basically need clothing for 2 radically different climates, which makes packing a bit any thoughts...
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