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I believe it's down to some sort of communication problem between James and Brad. Brad seems like a very nice and communicative guy.
21st of April
Sorry to hear that. Perhaps you should check again, as far as I understood - he had 2 pairs, one in 10D and one in 9.5D.
I received the shoes as well, McAllister's in merlot. First condition as well, with original box and dust bags, all neatly packed. Brad even sent them via USPS Express International (even though I paid for Priority), so he basically gave away additional $20 out of his own pocket. Very happy!
Did you snap this one off of yoox? I was watching it closely until it disappeared off the radar. Exactly the same color, pattern, size and it was last one available.
I sorted everything out with Brad. He shipped my shoes and sent me a scan of the shipping label. So everything turned out fine eventually. I will report back as soon as the shoes arrive.
I haven't received a tracking number, it's been 10 days or more since I sent the money via PayPal. James promised the tracking number will be sent tomorrow. I will wait until tomorrow.
Measurements please! (shoulder to shoulder, armpit to armpit, waist, length, sleeves)
Measurements? New or used?
PM sent.
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